About Totarella and Sons

Our family has been distributing fine Truffle and Porcini products in the Greater Montreal area as well as across Canada for over 25 years.

Our Father started Totarella and Sons in 1989. Since then, our family business has grown into a well-established and highly-respected distributor of high-quality products created from one of the rarest foods on earth, the Truffle.

The expertise that comes from our family tradition allows us to understand clearly the needs of our customers as we continue to put great emphasis on customer service. Direct contact with our customers remains one of most enjoyable parts of our daily activities. We import our products directly from Italy, and this has allowed us to build a reputation based on one principal statement: we always ensure product availability.

Over the years, Totarella and Sons has grown to include a storefront location in Montreal, on Saint-Michel Boulevard. From here, our team spreads out beyond the island and across the country to distribute Poricini and Truffle products such as Truffle oil, Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio and Porcini Cream with Black Truffle.

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